Crime: Online gambling websites found 11 teenagers, over 8 million THB within 3 months

Police raided the online gambling office in Romklao district, arrested 11 teenagers, gambling gang found 3 months, with over 8 million cash flow, more than 20 thousand members, coordinating AMLO to investigate financial routes The capitalist girl behind the scenes

On September 11, 2020, Police Lieutenant General Samran Nuanma, Deputy Chief of Staff Police Lieutenant Colonel Somboon Thienkhao, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Civil Service Commission of Thailand, ordered the Pol. Piyarat Suparat Patrolman, Patrol Officer, Pol. Pol. Pol. Pol. Phaibun Sososwor, Patrol Officer 1, Pol. Lt. Col. Atsadawut Khwanmuang, Police Officer 2, brought in to search the house number 98/50. A village Khlong Sam Prawet Subdistrict Lad Krabang District after investigating that the said house is a source of online gambling

The scene is a townhome, 3 booths, 4 stories high, gated Inside the house on the second floor, a group of teenagers sitting in front of their computers The officers then detained all 11 persons who were later known: 1. Mr. Panupong (Sanguan Surname) 2. Mr. Premkiat (Reserved surname) 3. Miss Kanoknat (Sanguan surname) 4. Mr. Amaphon (Sanguan surname) 5. Ms. Ratana (Sanguan surname) 6. Miss Thananya (Sanguan surname) ) 7. Mr. Teerachai (Sanguan Surname) 8. Ms. Pimpika (Sanguan Surname) 9. Mr. Chaiyarat (Sanguan Surname) 10. Mr. Passakorn (Sanguan Surname) and 11. Mr. Narong Krit (Sanguan Extension) with the middle of being a desktop computer With 6 peripherals, 3 notebook computers, 9 mobile phones, 100 SIM cards, 100 phones, bank account book And ATM cards

Pol. Lt. Col. Piyarat said that the investigation series investigated that The house was hacked to open a website. About online gambling Therefore brought power to observe Until he was confident before he was going to investigate and arrest All the accused were found in front of the computer. Persuade customers to gamble Including opening a subscription service To play online gambling in various forms, such as baccarat, shooting slots, betting, sports betting, betting money, checking computers, finding conversations, opening accounts, registering members in more than 20 thousand betting websites, worth over 8 million in turnover in a period of 3 months. Baht from the inquiry that The gambling gang used to be employed by gambling sites in neighboring countries. Before returning to Thailand to persuade the group Hire programmers to write websites and applications to launch online gambling. By renting the aforementioned townhome at 35,000 baht per month as an office

Lt. Col. Piyarat continued that online gambling is now very widespread. Affect the public Especially young people can access easily. Which is the cause of social problems And other crimes following the arrest of Police Lieutenant Colonel Samran Nuanma, Police Lieutenant Colonel Somboon Thien Khao ordered the extension of the arrest and coordinated AMLO to examine the route. finance To expand the results to the capitalists who are behind the network Initially informed the charges “Is the host that organizes the illegal gambling Jointly arrange for illegal gambling.

Tricks to win Slot Online

Game for real money Must be online slot games only Generating more than a million baht, online slots are the most real money games. Among all online games Or casino games That we know each other very well Online Slot Games Is a game that is both fun Create both a colorful play and, most importantly, a game that makes money. And the most money. Believe it or not, it is a game that has over a billion baht in turnover each month as both money deposited into play. And the money that customers get from slot games because slot games are games That has been developed from Slot games, vending machines, or slot machines that we see are placed in large casinos. Slots or online slots are games that make money. And income for both players And website owners as well And is a popular game That calls people to use the service and make money and is a game called Real money games or real money games 2019 Because no matter what era, slot games are games that will never lag behind. Is also a game that can be used to make money forever because in the online gambling industry Will develop and develop new game genres Always in order to open the way to play And increases the chances of playing To the players as well as the best Even if it is a player with a low playing capital It can generate more money per balance. For yourself as well as the best Therefore, players who want to make money playing slots games are the games that meet the best that are considered online games to make money. In this era, it is said that online slots are spinning into money. Online slots spin into money First of all, we have to know how to choose a website. Webs that we will access Choose a website that is reliable. Deposit – Withdraw that is as easy as online slots. 168slotxo web site itself is a reliable website. Most quality Among the websites that are available Playing online slots We have to set costs. In our play as well By the cost of playing it We have to choose down. That does not trouble myself Or choose to go down that is not more than yourself, for example, with a budget of 500 baht to play, so if playing until the end of the budget or playing profitable, let us stop playing Withdraw money immediately And continue to play in another day In spinning slots Before we choose the game Let us go to look at the website page And select a game The most popular games are the best because they are the ones that make real money. At other players Have recommended If we know that we have a low budget to play We might be better off setting goals. For example, want to set a withdrawal target that exceeds the capital, or a withdrawal target. That is the minimum of the web, such as 300, 500, 700 or 1000 baht that we have a small capital game that we should choose. Should be a game With amount In spinning at no more than 10 baht or 15 baht, because if we choose a large amount, the chances of making money will be very small and we will use up the capital quickly, so choose less. But relying on the opportunity to spin more to spin the slots, which games we will choose to play Let us press to see the conditions Which symbol we get to have a chance to get free spins or a jackpot in playing that must be watched to guide the spin. And the rhythm of spinning If we are going to play Let us press stop before the signal will select 3–4 seconds, it will make us. Has matched that symbol The matter of greed must say that most surfers There will be greed. But there will be more and less, it depends on the player as well, which is good if we choose It’s better to play and don’t be greedy. Because greed does not have a good effect When to stop Better than force to continue playing until you have to pay Lose all that profit Because of playing slots Is one game in the casino That actually makes money And is a game That are in online gambling games That requires money to invest So every time That we play, we have to calculate or Considerations for choosing To play or Choose to invest a lot. That we should choose to invest At how many And how to use it to play it How to spin slots To make money for us as much as possible. 1. In spinning the slots or the theory of spinning slots If we observe carefully We know that bonus. Jackpot got that Not at the balance In the very demanding deposit, because if we deposit more money or use a larger amount to spin each eye, most of them will not get a bonus. Or any reward But if we deposit the balance In most cases we will receive a bonus. In spinning easier than that, so we should invest. Where the right number would be better 2. In spinning the wheel or in theory of spinning real slots If it’s a professional player Know that in spinning slots Bonus we will get Only when there are 50–100 spins or 100 spins anyway, the bonus is out anyway. If we need a bonus We have to manage our capital. Get at least 50 times or more so that we have a chance to make money. Make more profit itself. 3. To play the wheel online. Is like an investment, so playing like an investor Is to profit to stop playing There may be profit targets set. How many times per play, for example, must make a profit of 500 baht per day or a minimum of 300 baht that can be withdrawn. When we complete the withdrawal limit. Let us stop playing immediately Should not continue playing It will play the correct slots. 4. Greed. Players must be able to restrain. To play as much You should not indulge yourself too much. When playing profit should stop immediately. Because most players Often dead, shallow water, lost to greed despite the fact that it is already profitable But want to continue playing Finally, there is no profit left. Not remaining capital that we have But it’s important to play slots. Apply for the game with 168slotxo today and receive a 50% free bonus immediately with minimum first deposit of 50 baht and the next time unlimited. Guaranteed the most promotions As much as possible and easier to apply Both deposits and withdrawals Support a variety of banks

Big Win on Lottery, How?

Many of you probably want to know, right? Where can we find lucky numbers? Got it here

       1. News approaching the lottery draw date Before the lottery draw date You will see each news agency have different stories. Just look at the news near the lottery date. You will have many lucky numbers already. Because there will be strange news That has been used to hit a lot of lottery tickets, such as giving birth on a car or strange events, strange stories, supernatural stories, etc., so that lottery fans can be beaten in numbers Which will hit what number And whether or not it will be right depends on each person's luck. If you are lucky, you might win a big lottery. Which some of them were contacted for several periods from these news Which the prominent numbers usually come from the content within the news If someone is lucky, they might be able to win a big prize.
      2. Group or lucky number page On facebook or in Line, there will be a lucky number group or page for members to share. Let's see lucky numbers And has distributed a lucky lottery from many offices as well So you should be a member of the group and about the lucky number page. When it comes to the lottery draw days, it will be easier to find the lucky numbers.
      3. Accurate lottery distribution website Some websites will have a collection of lucky numbers, famous numbers, or accurate lottery numbers from various offices. Come update for lottery fans to have unlimited viewing Most of which are lucky numbers from famous teachers With a choice to play with each other Or will compare the numbers To determine which teacher is the most accurate Or which teacher is as close as possible And there are also historical statistics for each of you to see as well To determine which one is the most accurate And take that number to buy it together
      4. The car registration is believed that many people would certainly have tracked the car registration number of famous people. Whether it is a prime minister or cabinet, celebrity or even a car that has been an accident As well as the newly bought car, it is also popular to bring to the lottery. Which the technique of stabbing is different Switch page - switch back Or mix that cut, put this in, and get an accurate number. Already put in the lottery
      5. Buy numbers according to age Buying numbers according to age is widely popular. Regardless of age, anniversary, birthday, age of the dead, anniversary age, various important dates This is because age numbers usually have a meaning of themselves. Many people who have a fortune earn a lump sum, partly due to the purchase of an age number as well.
      6. Numbers from various holy places Many people before the lottery draw day, often go to ask for lottery tickets at various sacred places. To take the numbers that have been hit as a lottery and analyze each other Each place is famous for its accuracy equally well, such as Wat, Ton Pho, Shrine, Chao Mae Shrine, Mae Nak Shrine, Grandfather-Grandma Shrine, Wat Pa Kham Chanot, Sakdit Tree, etc.
      7. Lucky number from dreams There are many people winning the lottery as a new millionaire, it comes from a dream that was hit by a number. If you are afraid that you will interpret your dream so wrong that you have to buy the wrong number You try telling your dreams to someone close to you. Or a close person can listen and help each other to draw numbers Guaranteed to be rich all over the page for sure.
      8. Buy Chinese calendar numbers Although still not able to find the origin of the numbers on the Chinese calendar Is there any way to calculate or calculate numbers? But the Chinese calendar numbers have given lottery luck for many draws
      9. Buy numbers according to milestones No matter what important event One color that is indispensable is Lottery people who can hit numbers for every opportunity Who has the skill of hitting high numbers will have an advantage over others
      10. Buy a lottery according to your grandchildren Which house has children? Usually let the children pick up the lottery Or have the child tell the number Because he believed that the child would have a matchmaker with him Children are often pure whites. May have fortune in them
      11. Buy lottery from animals Some animals are sacred animals that can dictate us.
      12. Using various formulas Able to search various lottery calculation formulas Get on the internet Which has a wide variety of recipes to choose from
      13. Programs to calculate various lottery formulas With the formula for the lottery accurate calculation For you to choose as you like Which formula is good for walking? When the formula is dropped, the new formula is changed. Just choose a formula that sees good walking. Have a chance to win the lottery every draw This program for calculating the lottery can be used with all lotteries.

     How to find lucky numbers that anyone Both are accurate. Yes, it is 100% accurate. Everyone's lottery is really accurate, but do not forget that it is not 100% accurate, so in each lottery betting, it should not throw too much money or pour your lap. Because if it doesn't get up, you won't have to worry about a lot of wasted money. For those who are looking for a lucky number source Try to find from various sources That we recommend Which each place will give a different lucky number Therefore, it is up to you whether you will be lucky or not.

2020 Ponzi Scheme, Get rich or wreck?

Blooming on Facebook and pages persuade to make money in the form of playing casinos, games, underground lottery prizes, there are elections based on Thailand, Laos or Vietnam, sharing online that are widely open. Including daily savings, high returns Under the circumstances people lose their jobs and lack income from government measures to control the spread of COVID-19 disease Tempted with high rewards Surely attracting people to become customers is not difficult Solicitation for short-term savings High yield Has been very popular Although this format has been around for a while But now the various dealers Willing to pay for online media to promote their page With the hope of finding new customers when tens of millions of people are out of income Most often it is called Money Saving House … Some places reopen Facebook and advertise immediately. Or some people already open to receive the underground lottery or open a shared house Added with additional money saving models Easy to open – spreads all areas All money saving house Anyone can set it up. No investment is required. Or it can be called a scout I just want to be able to spin money well. Use the principle of taking new money and paying the old one Keep spinning like this Notice that the dealer is an individual The number of members in some houses may be in the top ten. The limit in each house may not be high. But at the level of a hundred thousand to a million baht figure Because there are many houses for saving money open in many areas A source from the Financial Consumer Protection Center said. Asked if it is illegal or not, the answer is not legal. Because it is a deposit. Just not called deposit To circumvent the law Because money can be deposited only at financial institutions and businesses that have been authorized by the Bank of Thailand. The savings houses that are opened are usually natural persons. If damage occurs There will be no protection for the injured person. Attract people to join the savings house, that is, a few days’ worth of high returns. For example, pay 1,000 baht, just 7 days, return 1,000 baht, plus interest 300 baht, or 4.29% per day, or pay 100,000 baht for 5 days, get 120,000 baht, or 4% per day. Return of this size is not available for the market. Money in the system Even when the policy interest rate drops to 0.5%, the lower the interest rate of deposits of financial institutions. Inevitably, it becomes another motivator for a number of people to take the risk of walking into this channel for rewards. Some houses will have a daily return notification. But the duration and daily return will not be the same depending on the dealer or the landlord. Joint investments are convenient and use Mobile Banking to and from each other. Many people get their money back, they add more investment because they see that they get a good return. As far as the survey is concerned, the initial limit will be 100 baht to 100,000 baht. The duration is between 3-10 days. Returns will start from almost 3% per day or more. Open hourly savings. For daily savings, high returns. May be seen by Facebook in general Some dealers have also added an extra perk to hourly savings, with both 6 hours and 12 hours. One of the people who had invested in this kind of savings told me that the page “Ban, Savings Money”, asked to be a friend of Fei. Facebook first When accepting, you will see the invitation and details. If interested in any format, it will be pulled into the line group again. Facebook page just like the home page If going in, you must use Line, there will be members who are interested in it. The owner will offer rewards around. At the beginning, it was a trial, paying only 100 baht within 6 hours, receiving a 3% return. When the time was near, the dealer would transfer back 103 baht, use a mobile phone to transfer money and transfer money back, which is very convenient. And do not have to pay a fee Then there will be 6 hours, 5% return, and move up to 12 hours, 12% interest, or some 2-day savings, 15% interest, but the dealer is offering 6 hours 95% promotion.In fact, 6 hours returns are not just 3. % Or move to 5% as stated in the Facebook page only In the line of groups, the dealer will open the return periodically, for example, if it opens at 3-5%, may not have members interested in investing, will move up to 95% within a period of 6 hours. Considered profit Even with the money owed, it is considered a minority. Because the profit has come Asked if you know that saving like this is at risk She replied knowing But have to control your own risks as well For example, if the return goes up to 50%, you won’t put money down. While another victim told you that He lost his job due to COVID-19 and returned home. The page has requested to be a friend on Facebook. When seeing that the return is good under this situation Initially, it was transferred to 100-200 baht when the actual return. Increased investment until 7,500 baht money transfer back began to have problems gradually, 100-200 baht per time, then the dealer was silent. In total, she lost 7,000 baht and has filed a lawsuit against the homeowner for saving it. Conclusion: One investor banker said. Asked the dealer what we did with our money To gain such great benefits Received an answer that took to loan further But if considering the number of investors that are not that much The balance may not be much. Taking the money raised for further lending is likely difficult. Because the savings period is too short Afraid that some dealers Should want to create a savings in this way to a certain extent. When the money was large enough and there was no new money added to the house and closed the house. Closing the house, running away, and opening the house to save money is something that people in this industry have always done. Because no one knows if the new home is the same owner who had closed the house and escaped or not. In addition, the account name used to receive transfers or payments is used by another person to perform transactions instead. Like home saving money that escaped The dealer did not hope.

You never beat Casinos, for real?

A former gambling expert who has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Dabble in Thailand, Khmer, Burma

An ex-gambler who has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Dabble in both Thai, Khmer and Burma casinos.

And the dealer came out with a cheat every tablet Since Baccarat, Nuts, Hi Lo cards are all open, from the basic technique, hide the card, weight, Taoism, buried

Cool card scanning up to the latest technology X-ray every molecule as if naked into the casino After he appreciates the truth that “gambling

Never gave anything “and confirmed that No gambling, no cheating Path of gambling We meet a man who Just tell me the pseudonym of

He said “Gao Sun”. The young man concealed his real name and last name. But if the real name is revealed, it is certain that the gambling industry in

Thailand would not have known this young man. Because he has scouted almost every casino Both a small casino, a big casino in the country and

Gambling along the border with neighboring countries Professional playing of all kinds. With superior tactics and subtle cheats that make him

Earn millions of horsepower at a time Some casinos employ him as a dealer to boil a “hog”, while a politician.

And the colored man hired him to steal the dealer in the casino as well. After a short time in contact, he was happy to meet and provide information on the scam.

Gambling in various forms with us completely. That afternoon, Gao Sun arrived with a variety of gambling equipment, which he

Said that each piece hides a lot of tricks. Gao Sun told about the origins Going on the path of “Master Gamblers” to hear that he was born and raised.

Came in a casino with his mother as a card dealer Therefore familiar with the various forms of gambling as well But began to practice cheating skills and tricks

And really stepped into the industry at the age of 17 because of the reason that his mother was “cheated” gambling until the money broke. “At that time, my mother, who

Being a card dealer being cheated by the player By using cards that are not the same size to play Allowing him to choose cards People don’t know it.

Because the size is a little different Mother was completely cheated. One day, he went to consult an acquaintance. He is a master When I heard it, I knew that it was right.

Any kind of cheating is used to lure people who cheat to play at home again. Seeing Master’s face, he confessed that he was cheating. Since then, I have

He learned to play because he thought that he would earn money back in this way, he was practicing for a long time and went to learn from some of the best experts. Circulated in the casino for more than 20 years

What do you see left? Until now, quit playing and turned to writing a book instead. “Cheating with skill, if it’s a small gambling circle, it’s often cheating as well.

Skillful techniques such as hiding the cards, shuffling the cards in which the dealer can shuffle the cards to their desired function. With both card switching

And shuffle the deck of cards Or may use a method of poking the edges of the cards to make a mark Use cards that are not the same size. Which all require expertise in

To play Most players who will be able to use this technique will spend years practicing their sic bo using a method known as “fresh wound”.

Is to use ordinary dice By the player or the dealer will label various potions such as Vaseline, oil, balm, balm or even water.

For example, if you want the Tao to go out on page 5, apply the solution on page 3. “Gambling is not a game of gambling.

But it is a game of cheating techniques. Therefore, who thinks that he will go to measure his fortune in the casino, I would like to say that he is wrong.

Goodies, you can never get caught. Because they have been practicing for a long time, practicing how to use their hands, hiding the cards, very realistically.

It’s hard to catch. ”Gao Sun said about the truth of gambling industry. Cheating device The price of the thousands to the millions in each casino.

In addition to using the skills of a gambling expert to cheat Equipment is very important. There was a cheating device that was made for

Specific types of gambling And there are many types, many prices to choose from From thousands to millions “If you want to open a casino to buy

Cheating devices, both cards and dice, just 3 million can be tricky. The devices that are imported here are both imported and manufactured by Thai people.

But it’s not that you have money, you can buy it, because they’ll only sell it to people you know.

Nowadays, cards are commonly used called “work cards” or cards with chips embedded on the edge of the cards. While playing, the dealer or the surfers will use a hidden microfilm.

In hand or on the box The cards touch the cards. Information from the chips that are embedded in the cards are recorded in microfilm. And send the said microfilm

Go into the scanner decode Will know which card is where When you know the card position, you know what the cards will come out. Or can use

Techniques to make the cards come out as they want, magnetic implants, popular dice cheats, the first popular device Hi-Lo is the “set

Magnets, by the player or banker, are embedded in the dice called “Tao Tuck” and another magnet is hidden under the nail.

Or embedded in your finger When playing, the magnet in the finger is used to force the magnet inside the dice to turn over to make the dice play their role.

Want. “Those who play professionally will have a magnet in the flesh. For those with little investment, they use the method to attach magnets to their fingers and use them.

Thousands of plasters pretend that the fingers hurt. One set of dice has 3 dice, only one magnet is embedded. In which there are 2 types of embedding: if you want

To give off a high, it is buried with magnets on the opposite side of 6 or the side called low. When the magnet from the finger pulls the face opposite 6 down to the dice

It will come out on page 6, which, according to statistics, when the dao of any one ball out 6, all 3 of them will come out as high. But if you want to go out low

Embed a magnet on the front 6, a magnet from the finger will pull the page 6 down, the dice will come out low. And most of the results include 3 children

Came out as low But there is a technique that the dice with the magnet is made of rubber. Because when using a magnet to pull the Tao back to the face so that it will not happen

Loud sound, if you check and see that there is a rubber dao, it is definitely magnetic. Or another way is to float the dao in the water If the dice are tilted to the side

One side shows that the magnet is embedded But if floating directly, it is considered transparent But do not be complacent because

How to Win Baccarat like A Boss

How to cheat 3 ways to cheat baccarat The most popular in the world of online casinos
No wonder why the word how to cheat baccarat. It is the most searched term on Google today. That’s because The most popular game in the online casino world is Baccarat game, it is widely popular. From the past to the present Because it has a form of betting that can be easily understood. Just choose which side will have more points, if correct, you can receive the prize immediately. More importantly, the rules of the game of Baccarat online are very exciting. It is a battle of counting the sum of the points from the first 2 cards, but if the first 2 cards are in the rule of getting a 3rd card, then you can summon a third card to create a chance to win points against your opponent. Skip at any time More importantly, it is very popular in Asia, especially Thailand. Due to various betting rules It is similar to a gambling game that we are familiar with as well.
Baccarat games are very popular in the world of online casinos. But not just because of the charm of playing the game. The main reason is that the game of baccarat has a formula. And techniques That can help make the bets easier to win. Today we will introduce the 3 best baccarat cheating techniques in the world.

How to cheat baccarat using a betting formula Has been the expert gambling baccarat has been invented more than 30 forms, each form of betting has a different method as that. Some recipes are easy to do. But some betting formulas will require knowledge. And have a level of experience in the game of Baccarat So that all of you have found a recipe for cheating baccarat in an easy form. And can be used for real Today we have selected two of the most popular recipes in the world.

How to Cheat Ping Pong Baccarat: This is a formula that can be easily used. And can be found in every table of baccarat You just need to wait for the moment to have an outcome. The winner alternately, for example: Player Win> Banker wins> Player wins> Banker wins> Player wins> Banker wins> When you see them like this in your next turn. Able to bet on the winning result immediately switch to the previous turn.

How to cheat dragon formula baccarat: This formula is the most popular. Because it is a formula that we can read the cards easily And has the easiest way to use Let us choose a baccarat betting table that has a prize drawn on either side, winning more than 5 consecutive times, assuming a situation where the dealer wins 5 times in a row, then in the 6th turn, we can bet the dealer immediately.

*** Things to know when placing bets using the dragon tail formula And table tennis formula No matter how much you bet with If you win the bet, you can keep placing your bet. With the same amount of money Should not increase the bet amount. Since in any turn that we place a wrong bet, we will still have a profit for the next bet in one betting table, Baccarat will only enter this type of card once when you place a bet and lose your bet. Should change the baccarat table And waiting for a card in the form of a dragon tail And ping pong one more time

  1. Payment formula How To Cheat Baccarat
    How To Cheat Baccarat Another form is not reading Baccarat card outline. No betting experience is necessary. All you need is knowledge of mathematics. And have the discipline in placing bets according to the formula A lot of money walking formula that is used for various gambling games. But the formulas for the money to bet on the compound are the most popular. Because it can be used in all gambling games, regardless of the game There is the easiest way to move money. More importantly, it also has an opportunity to earn more than 90% or more. In the last turn, how much you bet you lost, add one more stake in the next turn.

*** Although there is a chance that you can win up to 90% of the various bets, using the compounding formula will require significant capital. Even if you lose 5 times or more in a row for someone who doesn’t have enough betting experience. Leaving feeling trembling Don’t dare to bet more and more. Recommendations You should place your first bet with only 50 baht or 100 baht only for people with low capital.

  1. Using various programs How To Cheat Baccarat
    The most popular method of cheating baccarat today. Can be used easily And have a chance of winning more than 70% of the baccarat game. Each program has different accuracy. You should study the use of various programs. Be proficient before placing bets In order to provide more accurate betting results in Baccarat games You should use the calculation of the deck. And the correct money walking formula, coupled with the use of the Baccarat program as well