You never beat Casinos, for real?

A former gambling expert who has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Dabble in Thailand, Khmer, Burma

An ex-gambler who has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Dabble in both Thai, Khmer and Burma casinos.

And the dealer came out with a cheat every tablet Since Baccarat, Nuts, Hi Lo cards are all open, from the basic technique, hide the card, weight, Taoism, buried

Cool card scanning up to the latest technology X-ray every molecule as if naked into the casino After he appreciates the truth that “gambling

Never gave anything “and confirmed that No gambling, no cheating Path of gambling We meet a man who Just tell me the pseudonym of

He said “Gao Sun”. The young man concealed his real name and last name. But if the real name is revealed, it is certain that the gambling industry in

Thailand would not have known this young man. Because he has scouted almost every casino Both a small casino, a big casino in the country and

Gambling along the border with neighboring countries Professional playing of all kinds. With superior tactics and subtle cheats that make him

Earn millions of horsepower at a time Some casinos employ him as a dealer to boil a “hog”, while a politician.

And the colored man hired him to steal the dealer in the casino as well. After a short time in contact, he was happy to meet and provide information on the scam.

Gambling in various forms with us completely. That afternoon, Gao Sun arrived with a variety of gambling equipment, which he

Said that each piece hides a lot of tricks. Gao Sun told about the origins Going on the path of “Master Gamblers” to hear that he was born and raised.

Came in a casino with his mother as a card dealer Therefore familiar with the various forms of gambling as well But began to practice cheating skills and tricks

And really stepped into the industry at the age of 17 because of the reason that his mother was “cheated” gambling until the money broke. “At that time, my mother, who

Being a card dealer being cheated by the player By using cards that are not the same size to play Allowing him to choose cards People don’t know it.

Because the size is a little different Mother was completely cheated. One day, he went to consult an acquaintance. He is a master When I heard it, I knew that it was right.

Any kind of cheating is used to lure people who cheat to play at home again. Seeing Master’s face, he confessed that he was cheating. Since then, I have

He learned to play because he thought that he would earn money back in this way, he was practicing for a long time and went to learn from some of the best experts. Circulated in the casino for more than 20 years

What do you see left? Until now, quit playing and turned to writing a book instead. “Cheating with skill, if it’s a small gambling circle, it’s often cheating as well.

Skillful techniques such as hiding the cards, shuffling the cards in which the dealer can shuffle the cards to their desired function. With both card switching

And shuffle the deck of cards Or may use a method of poking the edges of the cards to make a mark Use cards that are not the same size. Which all require expertise in

To play Most players who will be able to use this technique will spend years practicing their sic bo using a method known as “fresh wound”.

Is to use ordinary dice By the player or the dealer will label various potions such as Vaseline, oil, balm, balm or even water.

For example, if you want the Tao to go out on page 5, apply the solution on page 3. “Gambling is not a game of gambling.

But it is a game of cheating techniques. Therefore, who thinks that he will go to measure his fortune in the casino, I would like to say that he is wrong.

Goodies, you can never get caught. Because they have been practicing for a long time, practicing how to use their hands, hiding the cards, very realistically.

It’s hard to catch. ”Gao Sun said about the truth of gambling industry. Cheating device The price of the thousands to the millions in each casino.

In addition to using the skills of a gambling expert to cheat Equipment is very important. There was a cheating device that was made for

Specific types of gambling And there are many types, many prices to choose from From thousands to millions “If you want to open a casino to buy

Cheating devices, both cards and dice, just 3 million can be tricky. The devices that are imported here are both imported and manufactured by Thai people.

But it’s not that you have money, you can buy it, because they’ll only sell it to people you know.

Nowadays, cards are commonly used called “work cards” or cards with chips embedded on the edge of the cards. While playing, the dealer or the surfers will use a hidden microfilm.

In hand or on the box The cards touch the cards. Information from the chips that are embedded in the cards are recorded in microfilm. And send the said microfilm

Go into the scanner decode Will know which card is where When you know the card position, you know what the cards will come out. Or can use

Techniques to make the cards come out as they want, magnetic implants, popular dice cheats, the first popular device Hi-Lo is the “set

Magnets, by the player or banker, are embedded in the dice called “Tao Tuck” and another magnet is hidden under the nail.

Or embedded in your finger When playing, the magnet in the finger is used to force the magnet inside the dice to turn over to make the dice play their role.

Want. “Those who play professionally will have a magnet in the flesh. For those with little investment, they use the method to attach magnets to their fingers and use them.

Thousands of plasters pretend that the fingers hurt. One set of dice has 3 dice, only one magnet is embedded. In which there are 2 types of embedding: if you want

To give off a high, it is buried with magnets on the opposite side of 6 or the side called low. When the magnet from the finger pulls the face opposite 6 down to the dice

It will come out on page 6, which, according to statistics, when the dao of any one ball out 6, all 3 of them will come out as high. But if you want to go out low

Embed a magnet on the front 6, a magnet from the finger will pull the page 6 down, the dice will come out low. And most of the results include 3 children

Came out as low But there is a technique that the dice with the magnet is made of rubber. Because when using a magnet to pull the Tao back to the face so that it will not happen

Loud sound, if you check and see that there is a rubber dao, it is definitely magnetic. Or another way is to float the dao in the water If the dice are tilted to the side

One side shows that the magnet is embedded But if floating directly, it is considered transparent But do not be complacent because