2020 Ponzi Scheme, Get rich or wreck?

Blooming on Facebook and pages persuade to make money in the form of playing casinos, games, underground lottery prizes, there are elections based on Thailand, Laos or Vietnam, sharing online that are widely open. Including daily savings, high returns Under the circumstances people lose their jobs and lack income from government measures to control the spread of COVID-19 disease Tempted with high rewards Surely attracting people to become customers is not difficult Solicitation for short-term savings High yield Has been very popular Although this format has been around for a while But now the various dealers Willing to pay for online media to promote their page With the hope of finding new customers when tens of millions of people are out of income Most often it is called Money Saving House … Some places reopen Facebook and advertise immediately. Or some people already open to receive the underground lottery or open a shared house Added with additional money saving models Easy to open – spreads all areas All money saving house Anyone can set it up. No investment is required. Or it can be called a scout I just want to be able to spin money well. Use the principle of taking new money and paying the old one Keep spinning like this Notice that the dealer is an individual The number of members in some houses may be in the top ten. The limit in each house may not be high. But at the level of a hundred thousand to a million baht figure Because there are many houses for saving money open in many areas A source from the Financial Consumer Protection Center said. Asked if it is illegal or not, the answer is not legal. Because it is a deposit. Just not called deposit To circumvent the law Because money can be deposited only at financial institutions and businesses that have been authorized by the Bank of Thailand. The savings houses that are opened are usually natural persons. If damage occurs There will be no protection for the injured person. Attract people to join the savings house, that is, a few days’ worth of high returns. For example, pay 1,000 baht, just 7 days, return 1,000 baht, plus interest 300 baht, or 4.29% per day, or pay 100,000 baht for 5 days, get 120,000 baht, or 4% per day. Return of this size is not available for the market. Money in the system Even when the policy interest rate drops to 0.5%, the lower the interest rate of deposits of financial institutions. Inevitably, it becomes another motivator for a number of people to take the risk of walking into this channel for rewards. Some houses will have a daily return notification. But the duration and daily return will not be the same depending on the dealer or the landlord. Joint investments are convenient and use Mobile Banking to and from each other. Many people get their money back, they add more investment because they see that they get a good return. As far as the survey is concerned, the initial limit will be 100 baht to 100,000 baht. The duration is between 3-10 days. Returns will start from almost 3% per day or more. Open hourly savings. For daily savings, high returns. May be seen by Facebook in general Some dealers have also added an extra perk to hourly savings, with both 6 hours and 12 hours. One of the people who had invested in this kind of savings told me that the page “Ban, Savings Money”, asked to be a friend of Fei. Facebook first When accepting, you will see the invitation and details. If interested in any format, it will be pulled into the line group again. Facebook page just like the home page If going in, you must use Line, there will be members who are interested in it. The owner will offer rewards around. At the beginning, it was a trial, paying only 100 baht within 6 hours, receiving a 3% return. When the time was near, the dealer would transfer back 103 baht, use a mobile phone to transfer money and transfer money back, which is very convenient. And do not have to pay a fee Then there will be 6 hours, 5% return, and move up to 12 hours, 12% interest, or some 2-day savings, 15% interest, but the dealer is offering 6 hours 95% promotion.In fact, 6 hours returns are not just 3. % Or move to 5% as stated in the Facebook page only In the line of groups, the dealer will open the return periodically, for example, if it opens at 3-5%, may not have members interested in investing, will move up to 95% within a period of 6 hours. Considered profit Even with the money owed, it is considered a minority. Because the profit has come Asked if you know that saving like this is at risk She replied knowing But have to control your own risks as well For example, if the return goes up to 50%, you won’t put money down. While another victim told you that He lost his job due to COVID-19 and returned home. The page has requested to be a friend on Facebook. When seeing that the return is good under this situation Initially, it was transferred to 100-200 baht when the actual return. Increased investment until 7,500 baht money transfer back began to have problems gradually, 100-200 baht per time, then the dealer was silent. In total, she lost 7,000 baht and has filed a lawsuit against the homeowner for saving it. Conclusion: One investor banker said. Asked the dealer what we did with our money To gain such great benefits Received an answer that took to loan further But if considering the number of investors that are not that much The balance may not be much. Taking the money raised for further lending is likely difficult. Because the savings period is too short Afraid that some dealers Should want to create a savings in this way to a certain extent. When the money was large enough and there was no new money added to the house and closed the house. Closing the house, running away, and opening the house to save money is something that people in this industry have always done. Because no one knows if the new home is the same owner who had closed the house and escaped or not. In addition, the account name used to receive transfers or payments is used by another person to perform transactions instead. Like home saving money that escaped The dealer did not hope.