Crime: Online gambling websites found 11 teenagers, over 8 million THB within 3 months

Police raided the online gambling office in Romklao district, arrested 11 teenagers, gambling gang found 3 months, with over 8 million cash flow, more than 20 thousand members, coordinating AMLO to investigate financial routes The capitalist girl behind the scenes

On September 11, 2020, Police Lieutenant General Samran Nuanma, Deputy Chief of Staff Police Lieutenant Colonel Somboon Thienkhao, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Civil Service Commission of Thailand, ordered the Pol. Piyarat Suparat Patrolman, Patrol Officer, Pol. Pol. Pol. Pol. Phaibun Sososwor, Patrol Officer 1, Pol. Lt. Col. Atsadawut Khwanmuang, Police Officer 2, brought in to search the house number 98/50. A village Khlong Sam Prawet Subdistrict Lad Krabang District after investigating that the said house is a source of online gambling

The scene is a townhome, 3 booths, 4 stories high, gated Inside the house on the second floor, a group of teenagers sitting in front of their computers The officers then detained all 11 persons who were later known: 1. Mr. Panupong (Sanguan Surname) 2. Mr. Premkiat (Reserved surname) 3. Miss Kanoknat (Sanguan surname) 4. Mr. Amaphon (Sanguan surname) 5. Ms. Ratana (Sanguan surname) 6. Miss Thananya (Sanguan surname) ) 7. Mr. Teerachai (Sanguan Surname) 8. Ms. Pimpika (Sanguan Surname) 9. Mr. Chaiyarat (Sanguan Surname) 10. Mr. Passakorn (Sanguan Surname) and 11. Mr. Narong Krit (Sanguan Extension) with the middle of being a desktop computer With 6 peripherals, 3 notebook computers, 9 mobile phones, 100 SIM cards, 100 phones, bank account book And ATM cards

Pol. Lt. Col. Piyarat said that the investigation series investigated that The house was hacked to open a website. About online gambling Therefore brought power to observe Until he was confident before he was going to investigate and arrest All the accused were found in front of the computer. Persuade customers to gamble Including opening a subscription service To play online gambling in various forms, such as baccarat, shooting slots, betting, sports betting, betting money, checking computers, finding conversations, opening accounts, registering members in more than 20 thousand betting websites, worth over 8 million in turnover in a period of 3 months. Baht from the inquiry that The gambling gang used to be employed by gambling sites in neighboring countries. Before returning to Thailand to persuade the group Hire programmers to write websites and applications to launch online gambling. By renting the aforementioned townhome at 35,000 baht per month as an office

Lt. Col. Piyarat continued that online gambling is now very widespread. Affect the public Especially young people can access easily. Which is the cause of social problems And other crimes following the arrest of Police Lieutenant Colonel Samran Nuanma, Police Lieutenant Colonel Somboon Thien Khao ordered the extension of the arrest and coordinated AMLO to examine the route. finance To expand the results to the capitalists who are behind the network Initially informed the charges “Is the host that organizes the illegal gambling Jointly arrange for illegal gambling.